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Kempo Karate is a modern martial art similar in style to conventional karate with elements of other disciplines, including kung-fu and jiu-jitsu. Drawing from traditional roots, Kempo Karate has a place in our modern era with practical self-defense applications. Beginning with the first lesson, students are able to gain a better sense of awareness, ability, and confidence.


Kensho Martial Arts offers three age-specific programs:


    • Adult’s Program: Appropriate for ages 15 and up, the Adult’s Program emphasizes hands-on self-defense practices with the well-rounded inclusion of health & nutrition, fitness & conditioning, and the strengthening of both mind & body. Consideration is given to each student’s physical ability and goals from injuries, getting in shape, and formal competition


    • Kid’s Program: Designed for ages 8-14, the Kid’s Program focuses on character building. We start with traditional fundamentals like respect and self-control and include practical components like “No Whining & Complaining” and always striving to do their best. Students develop not only a sense of self that will serve them in all aspects of life, but also learn how to effectively deal with day-to-day situations such as bullying, “street smarts”, and anger management.


    • Come as you are, and explore your potential. We promise your life will never be the same!


    • Throughout each group, our teaching philosophy remains the same: to treat each person with kindness and respect. We strive to help each student reach their full potential through patient and supportive positive reinforcement. Training in the martial arts is a challenging journey, but one of the most rewarding endeavors.


Tai Chi (T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Taijiquan), is a Chinese internal martial art whose name loosely translates to “supreme ultimate fist.” Noted for its low-impact, slow, fluid movements, Tai Chi has gained recognition among martial artist as well as the general public for its many health benefits, including:

Stress reduction

Increased strength

Increased focus

Increased balance, both mental and physical

Increased confidence


Drawing on the Yang Family style, our Tai Chi classes also utilize exercises from Qigong (a broad category of breathing exercises of which Tai chi is a sub-set), Yoga, and general stretching. Meditation techniques, Eastern philosophy, and martial arts applications are also covered, giving you well-rounded training sessions.

Classes are appropriate for people of all ages and abilities, and all health concerns are taken into consideration during training.

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